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bidet top 10 reasons why you should use it have you ever e across the word ‘bidet’ and rolled your eyes because you think they are frivolous and for wealthy people who are too privileged to wipe their own butts if you do then you aren’t alone but it’s time to look at bidets under a different light.
why bidets aren t popular in america there are a number of theories why bidets haven t taken off in the us the way they have in other countries the device is said to have originated in france in the early 1700s at that time the bidet was basically a bowl full of water from which you could splash water using your hand.
some bidets have a built in air dryer that you can use look for the "dry" button next to the "wash" and "stop" features if there s no air dryer simply pat yourself dry with toilet paper many bidets have a towel on a ring positioned next to the bidet.
careful some bidets can be strong so turn it slowly if you re unfamiliar with the bidet straddle the bidet and turn it on get gloriously clean pat dry with a towel or some toilet paper dispose of the toilet paper in the toilet not the bidet the answer to why americans don’t own bidets can be summed up in two reasons history and unfamiliarity.
get your butt clean get a bidet and then subscribe to my channel.
“it’s been pletely americanized ” my host declares proudly “the bidet is gone ” in my time as a travel editor this scenario has be e.
yes when i remodeled 15 years ago i had one installed along with the kitchen sink and the toilet it’s a must have for me i don’t understand why.
straddle the bidet sitting on the rim and align the anus with the column of spray water note that most bidets don t have seats but are still meant to be…


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